Beautiful Discord


I’ve been drawing all my life, but after 9/11 I stopped trying to make great drawings to prove my drafting prowess and started drawing in celebration of the beauty I saw in humanity and nature. I was compelled to tell the story of how and why what looks like discord is actually in accord, and so so beautiful if you just take a step back. We all smile when we are happy, we frown and slouch when we are sad, cry when we are distraught, raise our chests when proud; love our children, morn our dead etc. We all breathe the air, drink the water, eat the natural world and work hard to make ample shelter. Being different colors, shapes, and sizes is what makes life beautiful and is not up to us. My intention for this feed is to take you on a journey through 2001 up to my present day drawings.

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Signed and numbered museum quality Giclees of each drawing are available.