Lil'Maker Books

"Pie In The Sky"

A girl learns to make her dreams come true with the help of a little friend by baking the blueberry pie she saw in her dreams. We all have big goals but doubt, fear and idol daydreaming sometimes prevents the actualization of them. Weaved into this story are baking instructions for a blueberry pie. As you read and actually bake a pie, your children are inspired by self love, imagination and hard work to make their own dreams come true.

Once there was a girl who dreamt of a pie in the sky, sweets and treats and a love to keep that no one could deny. Then as high as she flew she fell, meeting the ground with a thump. With the thump grew a lump and she woke up and began to cry.
We will need measuring cups and spoons, two bowls…
not too big and not too small, a wooden spoon to mix it all.
A rolling pin, wax paper, a knife, a fork… oh, and pie plate of course.
Now I really must go, I have my dream to show to all who wish to see.”
Then he picked up his chores and walked out under the doors And flew off on a honeybee.